Swimming is a skill that can save your life. Knowing how to swim will make water activities more fun! We have swim classes for all ages and all skill levels. 

Learn to Swim – Beginner

Breath holding, jumping into chest-deep water, staying submerged for 5 seconds, swimming back to side of pool, unassisted back and front floats, unassisted front and back glides, front crawl, backstroke, and introduction to breaststroke will all be taught in this class. This class will practice similar skills to the preschool class but participants will be encouraged to do more on unassisted.

  • Session 2: July 14, 2021 to Aug 4, 2021. Wednesdays from 9am to 9:45am. $36.00 (Resident)/$45.00 (Non-resident). 4 Sessions. 

Learn to Swim – Advanced Beginner

This class will build upon skills from the Beginner class. Swimmers will swim longer distances and refine skills with more independence. Breath holding, consecutive bobs, jump in chest-deep water and swim back to the side of the pool, unassisted front and back floats for 10 seconds, front crawl with rhythmic breathing, backstroke, breaststroke, introduction to sidestroke and scissor kicks will all be covered in this class.

  • Session 2: July 14, 2021 to Aug 4, 2021. Wednesdays from 10am to 10:45am. $36.00 (Resident)/$45.00 (Non-resident) 4 Sessions. 

Learn to Swim – Grown-up & Tot Exploration Monday Session

During the first thirty minutes, parents are taught to help children learn and practice skills. Experience buoyancy, floating, arm movement, entering/exiting the water, submerging face, and kicking. Sing songs and play in the water. A grown-up must accompany each child in the water. Children not toilet-trained must wear swim diapers. The second thirty minutes are for practice and free play.

Learn to Swim – Preschool

Develop confidence in the water while learning fundamental skills such as submerging face, bobbing, jumping into water, front and back floats, front crawl, front and back glides, and elementary backstroke. This is the first class without an adult. The objective of this class is to help children feel comfortable in the water and enjoy the water safely.

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