Aquatic Adult Fitness and Instructional Swim Classes

Aquatic programs take place in the LIFE Center’s indoor pool, and Super Splash Park. Course location is based on seasonality. Register two weeks prior to the first day of the program and receive a 10% discount.

Aqua Flex

This class targets cardiovascular fitness, strength, endurance, and flexibility in a low-impact environment. We combine “Yoga” and “Pilates” type movements with other resistance and stretching activities to provide an exercise experience in a stress-free environment.

Morning Water Workout

This moderate workout provides increased cardiovascular fitness, strength, and flexibility. The program takes place in shallow water, so no swimming skills are needed. Start your day right!

Arthritis Aquatic Program

This warm water exercise program is designed for people with arthritis and related range-of-motion affecting diseases. It is designed to help maintain (and in many cases improve) joint flexibility and muscle strength. With regular attendance, many participants report relief from pain and stiffness.

Zero to a Mile

Ever wonder if you could swim a mile? The goal of this class is to increase the length of time you can continue to exercise without stopping. Our instructor will adapt the lessons to each participant as much as possible within the class outline. This is not a beginner swim class; participants should be able to demonstrate front crawl and breaststroke.

Shallow-Water Aerobics

This class is for all adults who want a low-impact, fun workout in the pool. Come on in and try jogging, jumping jacks and cross country skiing. Stabilize your core with abdominal exercises that will strengthen your back. Finish the class with stretching to enhance your flexibility.

Deep-Water Aerobics

Deep-water aerobics offers a low impact exercise for your joints, yet it has a high impact on your cardiovascular system. You may wear a flotation belt for support in the deep water, or rely on your own ability to float as you perform deep-water aerobic routines.

Adult Beginner

This class is designed to help adults feel comfortable in the water and enjoy the water safely. Whether you have a fear of water, or have never had the opportunity to learn, we’ve seen it all before, and we can help!

Private and Semi-private Swim Lessons

If group lessons are not your thing, or you need flexible scheduling, consider private or semi-private swimming lessons. Private lessons match one student with an instructor. Semiprivate lessons match two students of similar ability with one instructor. Lessons are available at the Julee Illner Memorial Pool during our regular pool hours when an instructor is available. Lessons at the Super Splash Park are available Monday through Friday between 8:00 and 10:00 am. Lessons are 30 minutes and should be scheduled in increments of four. Private lesson payment is required when the appointment is made. Call 549-4222 or stop in at the LIFE Community Center to schedule your lesson.

Private and Semi-private Swim Lessons

Private: $24.00 (Resident $18.00)
Semi-Private: $16.00 (Resident $12.00) per person