From the Director’s Desk

The Carbondale Park District strives to provide recreational opportunities for the entire community. Explore our many beautiful parks this winter. Spend some time outdoors enjoying the quiet solitude of the winter landscape. Take time for fun! -Kathy Renfro, Executive Director

Carbondale Park District Tree Memorials

The Carbondale Park District Tree Memorial Program was established by the Carbondale Park District to allow a friend or loved one to be honored and remembered in a very special way – a living, growing tree. A tree will be planted on Park District property and the family notified. A permanent record will be kept of the donor, the honoree, and the site of the planting. The Park District will maintain the trees. Tree Memorial application forms are available at the LIFE Center. For more information, call 549-4222. A minimum donation of $100.00 is required. Gifts may also be made to the Park District’s general beautification programs.

Who Qualifies to pay the Resident Fees?

The Resident fee is determined by your home address and whether or not you reside within the Carbondale Park District taxing area. Basically, you need to reside (live) within the Carbondale City limits. To prove residency you must present a current (unexpired) photo ID and proof of Carbondale address. Examples are: a recent piece of mail addressed to you (not junk mail), a bill in your name, or your property tax bill. Residency can be established at the LIFE Community Center.

Minimum/Maximum Participation Policy

Program fees are based on a minimum number of participants signing up. The minimum number of enrollees is necessary to cover the cost of offering the program. If less than the minimum number of participants required are enrolled at the registration deadline, the Carbondale Park District reserves the right to cancel that program. Those enrolled will be notified of the cancellation and will receive a full refund by mail. The maximum number of participants is determined based on safety, facility limitations, and quality assurance.

Program Cancellation Refund

When a program is canceled by the Carbondale Park District, for any reason, a 100% program registration fee refund will be issued to each canceled program registrant.

Refund Policy

A 100% program registration fee refund will be issued only if a request for a refund is made no less than three business days prior to the start of the program. A 50% program registration fee refund will be issued only if a written request for a refund is received prior to the second scheduled meeting of the program. There will be no program registration fee refunds given after the second scheduled meeting of the program except as defined under Medical Refund Requests.

Medical Refund Request

A pro-rated program registration fee refund will be issued based upon the number of sessions remaining in the program only if a written request accompanied with medical documentation has been received identifying a medical problem which prohibits the individual’s continued program participation. Such written request for a refund due to medical reasons must be received within three business days following the completion of the last scheduled meeting of the program. No refunds will be given thereafter.


The Carbondale Park District assumes no responsibility for injuries or accidents occurring at programs or activities. It does not carry medical or loss of personal property insurance for program participants – the cost would make program fees prohibitive. It is advisable to review your own personal insurance plan to be certain that you and your family have proper coverage.

Leisure Is For Everyone (LIFE)

The Carbondale Park District will make every attempt to facilitate inclusion of individuals with special needs into all of our programs and activities. Inclusion within the Carbondale Park District means individuals with disabilities are welcome to participate in the same recreation programs and activities as their peers. Reasonable accommodations are provided to enable an individual’s successful participation in a program. If you have questions about inclusion, please call 549-4222 to speak with the Recreation Coordinator.

Contact us

    Contact Information

    Park District Mailing Address:
    P.O. Box 1326
    Carbondale, IL 62903-1326
    LIFE Community Center
    Reservations, Registrations, Pool
    2500 West Sunset Drive
    (618) 549-4222 or (618) 549-6565
    Super Splash Park
    P.O. Box 1326
    625 S. Lewis Lane
    (618) 490-1073
    Hickory Ridge Golf Center
    2727 West Glenn Road
    (618) 529-4386
    Hickory Lodge Administration
    1115 West Sycamore
    (618) 529-4147
    Park Operations & Maintenance Office
    108 N. Williams
    (618) 529-4149
    Kids Korner After School & Summer Programs
    101 N. Glenview
    (618) 457-7356

    Board of Commisioners

    Carl Flowers
    Jessica Sergeev
    Kathy Renfro
    Carmen Suarez
    Kirsten Trimble
    Jane Adams

    Park District Staff

    Kathy Renfro
    Executive Director/Board Secretary
    Natalie Melzer
    Administrative Assistant
    Randy Montgomery
    Park Superintendent
    Erin Dickson-Ashley
    Interim Rec Superintendent
    Sarah Zeman
    Aquatics Coordinator
    Anthony Anderson
    Golf Maintenance Superintendent
    Katy Burns
    Superintendent of Childcare